Major Nazar Hussain (Shaheed) was the first officer who laid his life in defending Pakistan in the war of 1965. His wife Rashida Begum raised their eight children with guidance to have passion for Pakistan and its people. Nazar and Rashida (NR) schools are being established around the country to honour them and carry out their tradition and guidance to make Pakistan a strong and beautiful place for all of its citizens. Their sacrifice will be honoured.

NR Schools exists to promote and create a strong, healthy Pakistan where every citizen has an opportunity to live in prosperity and equality. We have multiple programs that are focused on the deep poverty regions in the remote area villages.
NR Schools is guided by a board of senior citizens and is run by an operations committee.

Schools Board Members

Azhar Sindhu
Azhar has been engaged in using technology to deliver business results for 25 years. An accomplished executive and entrepreneurial leader, with proven capability in organizational performance improvement through technology strategy. Skilled in start-up and growth of successful management consulting and technology services businesses. Worked in principal and senior manager roles at multiple different companies. He uses this background and skills to develop technology based educational system.

Roohi Saleem
Roohi has a passion for nurturing children and providing them education that will make them better citizens of Pakistan. Her management and educational skills make her unique in directing the Multan school to make it a beacon of education for all the children living in poverty.